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Melanie is a phenomenal baker and love is the key ingredient in everything that she makes. Browse the About Us page to see her journey and her experience, then shop our Products page to find a huge selection of her fabulous “munchies.”  Experience for yourself how she lives up to her slogan, “Baking People Happy.”

I can’t stop talking about Mel’s Munchies. My Husband I stopped at our local Farmers Market and saw Mel’s table. We bought a bag of ginger cookies and was given a slice of carrot cake. The cookies were oversized, very moist and delicious. I haven’t had ginger cookies like Mel’s in years. My husband had one bite of the Carrot Cake and loved it. The very next week we ordered a large bunch of ginger cookies for my office luncheon and an entire carrot cake. I am so pleased with Mel’s Munchies that I plan on ordering for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Look forward to tasting her Red Velvet Cake.


I can’t say enough about how delicious my order was! We got a cake and cookies for a family party and they were huge hits! My mom doesn’t get excited about anything and she was super excited about how delicious the cookies were! The cake was beautiful and very moist with the perfect amount of frosting. Everything was reasonably priced. We had the items delivered which was affordable and hugely convenient. We will definitely order Mel’s Munchies again!