Happy Holidays from Mel’s Munchies!

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Click here to order these holiday treats.

dessertsd Chocolate Peppermint Candy

Made with the finest quality cacao, these dark chocolate treats feature a festive peppermint flavor that makes them perfect for spreading holiday cheer-

desserts Ginger Molasses Cookies 

Molasses adds sweetness to these cookies and gives chewiness to every bite. Eat at least one warm right from the micro wave with a glass of cold milk. 


Mel’s Munchies is your one-stop shop for all of your Holiday desserts.

Baking People Happy is not just a slogan, it’s our way of life!

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chocolate silk pie

This is called a Chocolate Silk Pie, and you have to taste it to believe it. We make the finest desserts and baked goods in the world. How can we say that? We can say that because we use the finest ingredients in the world. Our best ingredient is love and dedication that Melanie pours into every bite of her treats. Let us be your one stop shop for all of your favorite desserts.

Allow Us To Introduce Our Self!

First of all if you are reading this text right now, I really appreciate your patronage and hopefully, you’ll take the opportunity to let Mel’s Munchies provide you with your favorite desserts. Whether you are catering a party, having a family gathering or simply want to sneak away and indulge in some me time, let Mel’s be your choice of confections that you call on time and time again.

Melanie is a phenomenal baker and love is her key ingredient in everything that she makes. You can see her journey and her experience when you browse the About Us Page and witness the progress that got her to the point where she lives up to her slogan, “Baking People Happy”.

It was a tough decision deciding what to add to the Products Page because she makes everything from cakes, pies, bread, cookies, and even ice creams and sorbets. So we tried to display the most sought after desserts but, if you ask her, she’ll probably make a special request for you.

Once you’ve tasted a treat from Mel’s Munchies, you’re going to want more. If you want your order right away, “Where In The World Is Mel’s Munchies”, was created just for you. This is an itinerary of where Mel will be during the week. This allows you to get that treat right away. Be sure to go the Contact Us Page and choose “Yes” where it asks if you would like to be on the mailing list, and you will always be informed where Mel is directly from your email.



4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Mel’s Munchies!”

  1. I can’t say enough about how delicious my order was! We got a cake and cookies for a family party and they were huge hits! My mom doesn’t get excited about anything and she was super excited about how delicious the cookies were! The cake was beautiful and very moist with the perfect amount of frosting. Everything was reasonably priced. We had the items delivered which was affordable and hugely convenient. We will definitely order Mel’s Munchies again!

  2. I can’t stop talking about Mel’s Munchies. My Husband I stopped at our local Farmers Market and saw Mel’s table. We bought a bag of ginger cookies and was given a slice of carrot cake. The cookies were oversized, very moist and delicious. I haven’t had ginger cookies like Mel’s in years. My husband had one bite of the Carrot Cake and loved it. The very next week we ordered a large bunch of ginger cookies for my office luncheon and an entire carrot cake. I am so pleased with Mel’s Munchies that I plan on ordering for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Look forward to tasting her Red Velvet Cake.

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